We are two military veterans who decided to trade our uniforms in for wine
bottles and exchange our combat boots in for wine glasses!

Ambrosia Wine Studio is where wine knows no boundaries. Our mission
is to provide quality wine to all consumers. We create a wine experience
by providing a friendly knowledgeable tasting team to help educate wine
lovers about the wine-making processes, assorted varietals, region of
origin and industry news.

Ambrosia is a small vineyard nestled in the Napa Valley wine region. As a
boutique winery, we are proud of the Artesian handcrafted wines that
collectively make up Ambrosia Wine Studio Vineyard. Our vineyard produce,
harvest and bottle all our signature wines including STILL (Pinot Noir),
OMG (Chardonnay), “B” (Sauvignon Blanc) and Apollo (Cabernet Sauvignon).

In addition to the Ambrosia Wine Studio collection, try the rotating wine
menu which provides a variety of diverse varietals selected by various
countries and regions. There is something available for each palate
regardless of your wine familiarity.

With passports in hand we have traveled to exciting wine regions like
California, Oregon, Italy, Mexico, Honduras and Spain just to name a few.
Our team is always in search of incredible varietals to enhance the wine
experience of our consumers.